Apple Introduces 'Takeback Program' to Replace Knockoff USB Power Adapters



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Leif Johnson

I don't really see what the problem is--it's aimed at people who are worried about similar accidents to what happened in China (and although they're not saying as much, I strongly believe that's the market it's aimed at). If you're happy with the one you have and aren't concerned, no one's forcing you to trade it in.


Dan Meyers

What a joke! Apple will take back and dispose of the 3rd party charger that you purchased. Well, at least they will replace it with an official Apple charger for free or at cost, right? WRONG! You can buy a charger from them for $10. How is this a good deal for we consumers -- especially given the fact that most of these 3rd party chargers work just fine?

This is a great way to throw away a perfectly good charger and your money PLUS line Apple's pockets even more by buying a new charger from them. Thanks but no thanks, Apple.

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