Apple Issues Fix For 27-Inch iMac Flickering



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Sadly it has not fixed the problem. I think the problem is heat related and is unfixable unless there is an update to the video card. Here is the issue. When you use the cd rom drive for extanded periods the component next to it might over heat. Be it the video card controller for the screen or some time of video buss component. The odd part of this is that it only affects the primary display. I gat a monitor attached to my 27 I mac and that has no lightning glitch that the main monitor seemed to be having. Refresh slow down or one to two second screen going black and back to normal. I burn a cd like the night before, I go to sleep leaving my mac on and in the morning i weak up to this. That the screen is screwing around like this. Than it goes away by afternoon its all fine. Might I ad I haven't used cd rom drive all day. What if i were to listen to cd all day? What's going to happen than my I mac blow up? Scared to try but have to. Rather break it this way than to all ways wonder about it. I guess ATI cards are crap or just need more than passive cooling till the 32 micron shrink.  



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A very welcome firmware update. Granted, I've only clocked three hours of machine time but the flickering seems to have stopped. On my machine I'd get black on the bottom half and maybe white or green dotted distortions over the video towards the bottom of the top half.

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