Apple Looking Into Problems With iOS On iPhone 3G



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I will be dumping my Apple Iphone 3, when my contract expires in December. To much hassle with a hassle-free phone. BS. Apple, in my opinion is neglecting previous versions to sell the new stuff. I have had upgrade problems & app upgrades screw-ups. All you, new people that are buying the new one. I predict, you will have the same luck in a couple of years. I have already found another carrier. Good bye Steve & Apple.



everything runs slow and take forever for apps to open. I want to upgrade but don't want to feel forced. I even restored my phone and reset it periodically. Frustrating.



to 3.1.3

much happier now.



I read in the beginning, the 3G wasn't going to be able to upgrade to OS4. But Mr Jobs must have changed his mind. I wish my 3G can be restored without the long process on iTunes. I believe the sluggish performance is an incentive to purchase the iPhone 4. I'm reallly tempted but I can't afford it right now.



Yeah i was one of the silly ones who upgraded to version 4 too.
After doing so, found it was a useless paperweight.
iPhone 4's get released in NZ tomorrow but i will wait a while before getting a new one.
I followed the advise from our mobile supplier and downgraded back to 3.1.3
Its a easy process and you can find the details here. Good Luck



No problem with the heat on the iPhone 3G before and after the update. Slowness after the update though was terrible, I would type a text message and wait for it to catch up. Opening apps took forever, the only plus I saw was Folders and I could live without if it didn't slow down. I finally upgraded to the iPhone 4 and am much happier. So much faster and HD videos :-)



Despite the advantages to the iPhone 4 that led me to upgrade, my 3G operating on iOS4 made the few days I had to wait for my name to be called pure torture. The whole phone was slower than Google Maps for iPhone, battery life tanked, and the heat was of the iHeartRadio variety. Downgrading to 3.1.3 fixed all the problems. Hope Apple can offer some help to 3G users even though mine has left the building.



My big complain is it messed up my blue tooth I have to use full Vol. to hear any thing from it.

and all the other issues the other are having...

yes I feel I have been forced. why didn't they just come out and say no we are not going to support the 3G with the new ios if you want the new os then you'll need new HW also. this is not the way you do things.



Canada's (finally) getting iPhone 4. Which means it's upgrade time! And it couldn't come any sooner!
I literally went out and bought a rechargeable battery pack for my iPhone because it couldn't last more than 2 hours! Also, and this one really bugs me... When I'm listening to music (I use a stereo bluetooth headset) and I try to send a text message at the same time, the music stops!

Now I know the iPhone 3G can't support multitasking, but this is ridiculous!

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