Apple Losing Tablet Market Share to Google’s Android



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One problems is that the numbers aren't the same. Apple's sales figures are sales to consumers, while the Galaxy Tab figure of two million represents sales to carriers and resellers, many of which are still in inventory - as opposed to having been, y'know, purchased by consumers.



Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner here! /puts finger on nose



Great analogy sportmac. I loved it.

Mr. Bookwalter's story, while factually correct, is light on the facts. If the size of the pie was steady, and Apple's market share was declining, this would be a newsworthy story. But the size of the pie is growing by orders of magnitude, and Apple is the main game in town. New devices mean that people will have choices, and Apple's market share percentage is bound to shrink. That does not mean Apple is selling fewer units, or seeing its sales decline.

I realize that in the rush to meet reporting deadlines, and to get eyeballs on pages, reporters and editors might take the path of least resistance and try to sensationalize a story. If I wanted that type of coverage, I'd read a tabloid. Is this the reporting style MacLife plans to pursue?



if you got 100 people and they all eat pears and some one joins the group who only eats oranges then the percentage of pear eaters has declined. doesn't mean the amount of pears eaten has declined.

if other people are going to join the group and they are determined to only eat oranges then the number of pears eaten has still not declined.

if even more people are going to join later and they were going to eat only pears but a large percentage of them have now decided to eat only oranges then there's a story.



Are you serious? "Apple losing market share"??? This article gives the impression that Apple sales are declining while Android is ramping up, when really Android wasn't even on the market until the past few months! Seeing that market share is a percentage, of course Apple's market share will go down when more devices come to market. But market share is worthless measurement that doesn't really tell you anything.

Last time I heard, iPads were still selling at a high rate. Just because new devices are introduced in the same product category doesn't mean Apple is declining in some way.

How about running a legitimate report instead of something that is so twisted that it's laughable.



Yeah, well, it could sell one tablet and Apple's market share would go down. You can't expect to gain market share when you're at 100 percent or nearly the equivalent.

Wake me when something unexpected happens.

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