Apple Named in Chinese Article Investigating Pornographic Apps



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search the word "Sex" on the app store the app found are considered porn. there anti-porn policy is 100% more stricter then the US's Child-Porn law. even outlines of nude bodies are considered punishable in china.



Answer: Did you mean post?
So how did they find porn on the App store if you can't even search for it. Did the Chinese government pay and download every single App from the App store and run the software?
They are really shooting blanks this time as Apple is highly against any kind of porn related to its products or name. Very strict on that when it comes to the App store.
It will be very interesting to see what the Chinese government considers porn. I think they are nitpicking and what they found will be what most of us think as normal and not porn.



also what the US considers normal, most of the time is immoral else where. for example: Finding loop holes here in the US is praised here.... In China Finding loops holes is punished as lying should be. when you make a deal it should be based on honor and fulfilled as expected.

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