Apple Offers Contract-Free iPhone for Your Rich Friends



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Telkomsel Indonesia launched iPhone to a packed crowd queueing to buy. Most of those people would not qualify for a contract plan (they're not long-term AND corporate customers of Telkomsel) and would have to purchase non-contract, which were Rp 9,605,000 (US$ 835) and Rp 11,205,000 (US$ 974) respectively for 8GB and 16GB models. ;-<



How are you going to use the phone without service? Even if you "unlock" the phone, you are still paying service to a carrier. Might as well get an iPod touch.



If you purchase them WITH a plan, how much are they plus the minimal plan requirements?($69.99) * 24 months =$1679.76+$199+$36=Subtotal = $1914.76That's with only 8 GB, only 450 anytime minutes, 5000 night and weekend minutes, and no texting. Sucks.Maxed out it's($129.99+$20) * 24 months=$3599.76+$299+$36=subtotal = $3934.76That's with 16 GB, Unlimited anytime minutes, Unlimited night and weekend minutes, and unlimited texting. $3934.76 - $599 = $3335.76.So with the money you save over two years you can buy a Mac Pro!Makes the $599 seem acceptable, huh?

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