Apple Passes On Intel’s Arrandale Chipset?



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I'm surprised that nVidia hasn't just purchased AMD/ATI and be done with the Intel business altogether. This way they get all AMD/ATI's patents and can create their own platform to compete against Intel with. Fixing the problems with ATI's graphics by using nVidia's own patented technology. Surely the combined assets of the three should put some serious competition to Intel and end this frivolous lawsuit brought on by Intel, again.



Why bother demanding a unique version? Apple has included integrated graphics on machine before without using them, (iMac Core Duo with the ATI 1600M also had the unused GMA 950 sitting idle) I'm sure there are many other examples in Apple's line too considering the chipset costs the same and is probably identical except for a fuse that's cut with a laser to disable the integrated graphics. By including Intel Integrated Graphics on all machines with discrete graphics, they can reduce power consumption at idle time, while still providing maximum performance when needed. So the consumption of energy at home or in the office will be lessen.

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