Apple Posts Support Document Detailing New Email Addresses



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For me this means I can finally get rid of my
Just before MobileMe ended I got an email address I wanted to use for business, but hated the ending. How conceited! Now I will simply ditch this and use But how I wish I could have added it under
For my personal account, I never used @me and never will. I will also never use @icloud. I'll just stick with @mac.


Carsten Legaard

It was exactly the same feeling. Microsoft had stopped listening to plain users and came up with golden solutions to things that were no problem. And the more the company wanted to salvate us, the more it failed.
Now this feeling come creeping again, but this time it is Apple.
And it is not just a feeling.
I look at my machine, my apps and my docs and I recognize too little.
I am not in control anymore. Big Brother have taken over. And Big Brother is Apple and the mysterious world of iClown, sorry, iCloud.
I don't get it.
I don't buy it.
And it has certainly not made my day even though it's a punk.



I would have much rather they allowed the merging of Apple ID's so that I could eliminate some e-mail addresses.



I've gone back to using my address with everything; changed it back on my business cards, and have been re-registering/updating registrations with my address.



Just what I've been asking for. A 3rd email address that goes to the exact same place as the 2nd email address I was asking for to go with my .mac email address.

Please read with HEAVY sarcasm.

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