Apple Pressuring TV Networks For Cheaper iTunes Prices



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If you pay a cable bill, your network tv really can't be called "free".



But the TV networks are approaching with caution after seeing what happened to the music industry in 2003 after iTunes re-energized the sagging business with 99-cent per song downloads, while overall album sales continue to drop off.

Free broadcast TV is on it's deathbed. Soon, we will all be paying for formerly free 'Network' TV; either via increased prices for our cable or satellite connections, or via iTunes or other Internet or streaming delivery options. The era of receiving free over-the-air signals is near its end. Rembember, free TV is not a 'right'.



I could conceive that, since you can go to the local RedBox machine and rent a movie for $1 a night now. Considering these machines are showing up at your local service stations, supermarkets, walmarts, and drug stores, and getting more convenient all the time. There's three on the corner from where I live alone. Makes it easy to determine if I want to purchase the rental from iTunes, Crapcast, or RedBox. RedBox wins out, every time. Now if iTunes were to offer the same movies for rent for $0.99 then that could easily change quickly. Cutting the cost of the full purchase in half would help as well, since I can go purchase a full DVD for $10, why would I pay $14.99 for just the movie? Even with the introduction of the iTunes Extras I'll still go for the DVD, primarily for the "Directors Cut", "Extended Edition", and special features that even iTunes doesn't include.  Especially when they aren't available unless you have an AppleTV, which I don't see why your stuck on this being a requirement, not everyone has room for a TV in their place when they have a need for a 24" iMac... Bring on the price cuts Apple, can't wait to see how low you can get them and what extras your going to include with them!

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