Apple Provides Details For Removing Mac Defender Malware



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I was in London England yesterday, using a hotspot wifi operated by BTFON (apparently a Spanish company- go figure). I had extremely bad connectivity (hard to connect and stay on- dropped connection every few minutes). I was attacked by at four attempts to download the MacDefender page- presented as a typical "Finder" Mac page, with an apparently quite active virus/trojan search going on as I watched in horror. Each time I stopped the download, deleted it and ran an iAntivirus scan. I am quite surprised that the page was able to (try to) download itself when I was on a site dedicated to the Hungarian revolution.

BTW, 15 GBP for 5 days of BTFON usage is NOT worth it. Out of 5 days, I got maybe 6 hours of uninterrupted usage. Unfortunately, it was the only wifi available.

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