Apple Quietly Opens iWork for iCloud Beta to All Users



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Since I have already purchased all of these items for my iMac and my iPhone, I cannot see the benefit of the iCloud based versions. However, since all of these are for purchase in both app stores for mac and IOS, the only way to use these for no cost is to begin a document online and then open it online, which is very limited. Also, you cannot view any of the files do from an iDevice.



I sure hope this "beta" is far from done - the version of Keynote on there is so neutered, it's not even funny. No build in/build outs, no line-by-line bullet point builds, no path animation, there are so many holes in it, it's depressing. It's a subset of the iPad version, which is already a stripped-down rendition of the desktop application, there is no way to really use the cloud version for anything besides the most basic tasks. Given that Apple has not updated iWork since 2009, these are disturbing developments for folks who use these tools daily.



Gave up on 'real' Pages - why would I want a virtual one?

Gave up on Pages on both my Mac and my iDevices. Primarily deal with / create documents in MS Office format (as created by a 'real', local copy of the program), so ensuring while using Pages (for example) that I 'exported' to that format rather than save to the default .pages beyond tedious. I mean, .pages? Really? Who, in any sort of business reality / file sharing saves to .pages? I might as well try and save to .clarisworks.

Then none of my Office files, saved to iCloud, would open in iOS iWork without complete reformatting first.

Looking at the Beta online Pages today, I let it open a Word file I saved (only as backup) in iCloud. There seems to be no way to then set the file type to 'Save' to, but I note closing the file results in a thumbnail of the file (rather than the blank page 'W' as denotes a Word file), so I'm guessing its now saved in .pages. No obvious way of knowing. So another reason not to bother with iCloud. And history shows Apple will get bored with it iCloud eventually and close it down.

I don't use Google Drive because I'm not a fan of saving to their proprietary format either (same business and sharing issues as iWork) - really beginning to wonder what these virtual WPs are hoping to achieve.

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