Apple Quietly Opens Replacement Program for 3rd-Generation Apple TVs



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I call BS. I just left an Apple Store and after checking my serial numbers and a long wait, they said they've never heard of this program. I have two Apple TVs with these wi-fi issues and both have serial numbers as described in the story.



So how can I get mine exchanged? I have two that have been having problems and would qualify, but when I called my local Apple Store, they didn't know anything about this replacement program.



Mine has been fine here in Wales (UK). find it better using a 5Ghz network !!



A few months back I had my Apple TV 3rd gen replaced as after an update it suddenly wouldn't connect to WiFi. The local Apple Store replaced it with one they happened to have available in store. I haven't had any problems since then, but have had issues with Hulu + dropping streaming of programs at times. Not sure if it is Hulu streaming issue or what. Netflix doesn't have any problems.

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