Apple Quietly Refreshes Mac Pro Line, But Where is Thunderbolt?



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Shane Keller

.... calmly places credit card back into wallet ....



I've said it elsewhere; I believe Apple has the Mac Pro walking the Green Mile at this point. I think it may quietly disappear from the lineup sometime around when they announce the next iMacs and Mac minis.

I could be wrong -- maybe there'll be a massive overhaul in the spring -- but I kind of seriously doubt it. If they killed off the 17" MacBook Pro because of lagging sales, I've got to imagine the Mac Pro is living on seriously borrowed time.



Are they joking? No thunderbolt, no USB3? Wow, first time in 25 years I've been seriously let down by Apple. I basically have no where else to go but this is very disappointing. I know you can add these things via PCIe buses, but I don't have buses to spare. Unbelievable.

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