Apple Refreshes iMacs with Upgraded ATI Radeon HD Graphics Cards



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I am currently overseas, and will be returning to the US in a few months. I have been planning on getting an iMAC when I get back, but some of your comments have made me take a step back. Should I buy one or get something else!!??



Sad day for me, I just bought an i7 in late April and now for the same money it's a small speed bumb but that damn graphics card makes me kick myself for passing up the MacPro, well I will learn from this!



No nVidia option means I'll be waiting a lot longer was hoping to upgrade in the next couple weeks but, it's not going to happen now!!!



I've been a Mac loyalist since 1994, and have learned not to expect cutting edge technology in Apple's mainstream computers. But I just can't buy another iMac (I've owned 5 over the years). The graphics hardware is anemic and the screens outlast the processors by 2 years at least. Most problematic with the new models is lack USB 3.0 and eSATA - both requirements for my personal needs.

Okay, great - so I'll just get a different Mac, right? Wrong. No USB 3.0 anywhere, no eSATA, and I have to get a $3,000 Mac Pro to be able to put in a decent graphics card.

C'mon Apple - are you trying to drive me away? I'm not a professional user ... more of a "prosumer" and I need more than what you're offering. Why not PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release a mid-range tower? Something for $1,500 that I can build on? The Mac mini does NOT fill that need.

I'll be in the market in the spring when I retire my 2007 iMac. I've hung on too long already, and will wait a bit longer in hopes of further refreshes, but I'm afraid I will be forced to compromise to remain an Apple user.



The 1500 one for sure. I need that ATI radeon 5670

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