Apple Rejects Sony Reader App, Blogosphere Jumps to Usual Conclusions [Updated]



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'"Apple’s made no change to its App Store Guidlines, it’s simply enforcing a rule that’s been in them all along: apps that offer purchases elsewhere must support in-app purchases as well," Paczkowski wriites on his Digital Daily blog.'

Noone else has been doing in-app sales, because Apple wants 30% of them. That may work if your content is developed in-house, but in the book publishing world, it's taking a very big chunk out of a very thin profit margin. Especially when compared to Apple's...

All of a sudden, Apple decides to enforce this rule, even though:

a) Out-of-app book sales are extremely annoying. I'd have bought 4 or 5 books by now if I didn't have to leave, find it in safari, pay in safari, download the book, sync, etc. just to buy a book that should be instantly available with a few touches in an app.

b) Kindle and Nook readers, not to mention Stanza, have only been doing out-of-app book sales up until now, without having this rule enforced.

If Sony finds it strange that Apple has suddenly decided to enforce this rule, they have every right. Why did Amazon, B&N and Stanza get away with it for so long, and why is that still the case? Why is Sony the only one being alled out on it?

No matter what their reasoning for pushing it on Sony, asking for 30% of all in-app book sales is insane. It's usury, really.

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