Apple Removing Home Button from Next-Gen iPad, iPhone?



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This is definitely a bad news though it's a rumor. as for me, i can't move my five fingers separately as for different gesture used on apple track pad, luckily i have the side on my litter finger for keyboard and also touching on iphone screen and having my side of thumb click on the mouse to operate the system. Computer do help us live better and more convenience, just as how a car is benefiting you. As the home button will be replaces by 4 or 5 fingers multi-touch sensor, it will be a major obstacle stopping disabled using the device. Personalty proposed:
Consider a better a Universal Access preferences setting, so, we choose the best way for us to use iOS and MacOS. For example, i may remain using only the side on my litter finger to write out a 'S' on the touchscreen in deliver the order that going to the home screen but not strictly do that with the 5 fingers zooming in action.

In-other hand, the original photo n video shooting app came from the iOS didn't come with a timer feature, and that really brings difficulty to me, here is the reason:
1- i need to hold the phone (camera) with 2 of my hands.
2- i like the HDR feature in the original shooting app.
3- with the 2 hands holding, don't an extra one to click to shoot.
this is the reason i expect there are more consideration on the disabled users.



Five finger pinch to Home, sooo no one handed use anymore? How am I supposed to hold the Pad or Phone and still use all my fingers on the screen? Maybe there's some secret handle we don't know about yet...



Come on Apple, can't you leave us at least one physical button?



I'm a quadriplegic.
Great Apple, four finger swipes, five finger pinches,
from the disabled community that love touch screens as they are,
that really sucks.

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