Apple Replacing Faulty 2008 Time Capsules



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In the UK I offer a repair service for TC users who are stranded, when their units die. Only a majority of the failures are within the narrow range of S/Ns listed by Apple. My own unit was way outside and I was left high and dry by Apple as it was out of warranty; "tough luck".

The TC runs too hot. To be succinct:

1. There is no air inlet for the internal cooling fan.
2. The fan points the wrong way and NOT into the hot-running power supply unit.
3. The fan comes on only meaningfully when the TC is too hot. The fan merely circulate internal boiling hot air rather like a fan-assisted oven.

Only a redesign will make this device run cool. Apple already provide the internal parts, I merely reconfigure them to work correctly. Cool electronics lasts longer than hot. This is a simple FACT.

I have many delighted customers whose TCs are back from the dead and all their data is safe and accessible again. A REPLACEMENT Time Capsule allows all your data to be scrapped, from an internal hard drive that usually has no fault condition. My charges are modest as I do not do this for a living but as a SERVICE to you fellow Apple users. I am busy!

Regards, CF, YORK, UK



I had an Airport Extreme from the same era and had a problem with it, when I took it back, I purchased a new Extreme as I cannot be without Internet that long for them to send it back for a replacement. I will admit though, AppleCare warranty helped in that issue though… Still I had to drive 50 miles round trip 2x to get it done, which should have been compensated as well.



Apple's policy is that they will do NO data transfer. So if your Time Capsule fails like mine did, they will be happy to replace it free of charge, but the data on the drive will be destroyed (which they cheerfully state that they follow HIPPA guidelines). That's great, and I'm glad you follow HIPPA guidelines, but what about my data! Ultimately, I decline the replacement, took the unit home and had to disassemble it myself. Pulled all my data off the physical HDD, then put it back together and went back in for my replacement. I would not suggest this as it voids the warranty, and you then have a high probability of not having it replaced. So the simple answer, take care of this before your Time Capsule bites the dust! Its becoming a sad time when we have to back-up our back-up data.

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