Apple Reveals New Service for Authors to Sell Their Books Directly in the iBookstore



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Well, it does NOT work if you are not an US/UK writer or if you do not write in English language. It is not surprising if there are not so many non-English titles on iBookstore: it si not a matter of quality or availability, but policies!



I would love to publish my online beginning reading e-books through this service but to get an ISBN number for each would be expensive for 90 easy reader books. Is there a way to get around the ISBN number? Could you use the same number repetitively to publish to the I-Book Store.

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It IS possible to self-publish onto Apple's iBookstore... I have done it with my novel 'The Dare Ring', which is accessible through the iBooks app on all iPads and iPhones. I'm based in the UK, so it is possible here too.

It wasn't all that easy - creating the epub book is non trivial as none of the free conversion tools did exactly what was needed. But it can be done. Once you've created the epub document (and triple checked it - some of the conversion tools make unexpected changes) - then uploading it through iTunes Connect is relatively straightforward.

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Runs locally on your own Mac. Uses the "epubcheck" engine as required by Apple to submit your iBook. Easy to use, just drag-and-drop your book, then click "Check".

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