Apple Says No Location-Based Ads or Android References in App Store



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03talk is continuously innovating new features to serve its customers better and better. Android App or iPhone App is one step towards providing applications that would quicken the process of joining conference calls for regular members.

With above features in place, you will be able to dial into a conference directly without having to announce your name for every new conference call. This application or feature will enable you to directly join the conference without having to undergo the lengthy process of joining a conference call. You will receive automatic updates on access PIN’s for new conferences, it will be done automatically and it will eliminate the need of amending your phone book entries or memorize new access PIN. With iPhone/Android application, you can forget your access PIN codes. Finally this feature will allow you to invite new members in the middle of the conference which is currently not allowed.

iPhone / Android App Access features are an underway project at 03talk and will be launched soon to help you serve quicker. This feature will be very useful for regular conference callers who need to login many times and for those who forget their PIN codes while trying to login for a teleconference.



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apple says NO ?! inposibble !!
lawn mowers  



It's a little disheartening when 2 of 3 comments on the story are pure horrid robo spams. NOT a great signal to noise ratio.

I know, I'm not really helping here... just a little twigged.




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