Apple Sends Reps to Thailand in Protest of Public Announcement of 'iPhone 6'



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fake... at least i hope Apple doesn't get on lets make phones bigger train.



I want a larger phone to be able to see stuff better. Webpages and such. Though I hate to lose the small form factor of the current model. Carrying two devices in addition to my macbook doesn't make much sense though. And if I'm only gonna carry two, macbook wins over iPad every time. So I'm glad they are increasing the size, though a 4 inch, 4.7 inch, and 5.5 inch screen would offer more choices than ever. Though I don't know that i'll preorder simply because I want to see how the 4.7 sizes up to the 5.5 inch. I doubt i can fit the 5.5 inch in my pockets!



Do you even own an iPhone? Why the hell wouldn't you want a larger display? Do you seriously want it to stay 4 inches forever? I sure as hell don't!!

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