Apple Slapped with a Trio of iPhone 4 Lawsuits



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Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.

I cant believe these people complaining about something so irrelevent. Try living out here with only 2 or 3 bars max and we still get by just fine. As for your complaint about the $29 bumper case, I got 3 for less than that price as well as screen protectors to boot. Took all of time to order as it took the associate at the counter to program the second iPhone 4 I purchased opening day. To sum it up, as I walked out the door with mine and my fiance's brand new iPhone 4 with only a 3 hour wait, we had out cases on the way. Mine looks like a tire tread and she has 2 prism type in red & purple. The screen protectors went on with no bubbles and leave no fingerprints. Additionally, your finger glides across the screen easier..

Sorry about your problems in the Big City, feel free to keep them there as we are doing just fine without.

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