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That was fun, guys! Let's do it again sometime?



When can I order mine? :)



It's nice to see that Apple has finally come to it's senses and returned to doing what they do best a "Live feed." Gone are the days when Apple could actually keep a secret and we as a whole were actually surprised on the day of the event. Steve Jobs absence is very evident in the way Apple handles these events and not too mention he would not have allowed a Map app that was not perfect to be launched before it was ready. If Apple does announce a smaller iPad today it had better start at $199.00 have a resolution to match the Kindle fire HD and the Nexus 7 but also have an HDMI port and expandable memory. I believe if they do not offer these points they will find themselves losing out on a lot of potential customers. Alas one might just as well shout into the wind for Apple does not hear what people want, why because they know what we want better than we do. Apple always insists on being first with new standards such as Firewire which as we all know was not widely adopted and hugely expensive, now they have done the same thing with Thunderbolt instead of giving us what pcs have had for years HDMI ports much more useful and cheap. I bought my first Apple in 2000 a G4Cube and then in 08 my beloved MacBook Pro 17 I love my Mac and Apple's ease of use but there are things not so lovable about the culture. I wish upon a star that someday Apple will wake up and smell the coffee and give us the loyal what we deserve not what they think we deserve.



omg yes!! it starts as soon as i get out of school!! =D

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