Apple Special Event: OS X Mavericks Available Today as Free Update



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Downloaded Mavericks.
Really can't see an awful lot of differences.
A few extras (iBooks, Maps) and some streamlining.

I spent some considerable time colour (and color) coding my very extensive video library for easy recognition and filing.

Well Sir Jon has decided that a full colour bar over the name is gauche, so he has removed the full bar and replaced it with a small colored dot to the right of the name.
If one has a rather long file name the dots are disconnected way over to the side and useless for file recognition.
I pounded around but could find no way to re-nstate the full colour bar.
Not too happy, unless of course, there is a fix to allow one to be old fashioned!

Historically if Sir Jon is planning on becoming King Jon he should prepare for a visit to Runnymede

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