Apple Store Employee Files Discrimination Lawsuit



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I worked for an Apple Store for over a year, having come into it from a 3rd party service provider. The way apple treated its employees was...stupid, to say the least. Many employees who were senior and qualified for positions were treated with hostility while unqualified talent was recruited from outside the company. Some employees were threatened and forced out of the company, or treated poorly when they chose to fight the behavior.

Management is in a lot of cases inept, and instead of staffing to the level to be able to comfortably afford customers quality time to get their computers serviced, too few technical people are kept on staff or are scheduled to work to meet ever-increasing demand to focus on quicker turnaround times for repairs, including reducing the time a genius spent with customers and beginning to require geniuses to take multiple appointments at once.

It's sad to see such a great company fall into using tactics to force the spirit of apple out of the stores in favor of more obviously-retail-oriented ideas, and treating the people who believe in the company like dirt. It's no wonder Apple has such a high turnover in its employees.



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It looks like everyone wants to get into the act.... LOL I wonder what is going to happen next.... I hope Apple wins because the case I read from the stock market reports, I won't mention the guys name he use to be a partner with Mr Jobs in the beginning he is sueing him also... and I believe all his patents have expired. He is also suing google, facebook, and ebay.



Perhaps the could open a MAD GENUIS BAR at the SoHo location?

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