Apple Store Thieves Spray Patrons with Bear Repellant



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Heard about it on the news this morning, live in the Vancouver area myself, Reports on the news do indicate a portion of the goods stolen have been recovered and knowing the Vancouver Police Service, it won't take them long to arrest the suspects.

However since this is the province of British Columbia, the police lack the ability to press charges having to get charges laid by the Crown Attorney (District Attorney for the Americans). And our weak justice industry(System) will more than likely give the crooks a slap on the wrists as usual.



Wow, that's crazy



Oh yeah, happens a lot in property crime, also in drinking/driving death cases, woman killed a young girl a few years back, pleaded guilty, got a minimal sentence and is now in the process of taking an appeal of the sentence to the Supreme Court...and by the way, Bear Spray more commonly referred to as Pepper Spray, is used more often in robberies similar to this than you'd think.

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