Apple Stores Still Struggling To Keep The iPad In Stock



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I used a product tracker at findstocknow that worked for me. The ipad 64gb with wi-fi and 3G is hard to find.



If anyone is familiar with Apple's marketing scheme the past couple of years, the price is going to drop within 6 to 12 months. I have that itch to buy anything new Apple releases, but this time I will wait for all the kinks to get worked out and that price to come down some. Hopefully by that time HTML5 will be more widely accepted so I don't have to see blue boxes on many of the websites I'd like to see on the iPad.



Really? Crap! My girlfriend has got 12 hrs in NYC while waiting for a connecting flight (towards Europe), and the plan was all along to go and buy the iPad in that time. I am going to call the Apple Stores in the area once they're open to check.EDIT: Called the Apple Store on 5th ave., and he could confirm that the NYC-stores, to his knowledge, are all sold out. There may be a shipment coming today, and he told me to call back after 9am to check.



Theres 6 stores in NYC that Sells the iPad but no one has them in stock!!



Of course it's in low supply - it just came out.

But when are they releasing the 3G model already? Apple's site has said "Late April"'s practically mid-April and still no firm date? Argh!



Given the design and the wide-range functionality of the product, it is not unusual that it would sell out.

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