Apple Sued Over Lousy 3G Performance



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Shouldn't she sue AT&T??? Afterall, it's THEIR map showing coverage, NOT Apple's. Some people aren't playing with a full deck of cards...



I've heard the problem attributed to a faulty communications chip. To be more specific, it's the 3G amplifier. This is backed up by the fact that a lot of people's iPhones drop calls when switching between EDGE and 3G. A few people at school are having similar issues. However, I'm loving my decision to buy an OG iPhone from someone with a 3G. No problems, satisfactory data speed, and better battery life. Who has the more advanced phone? (The 3G one that drops calls, or the OG on that actually works.) Regardless, I'm sure Apple will fix the issue, however, if it turns out to be a hardware issue, it'l take a while. No one likes a recall. Look out for plenty of software updates soon.



 (Click image to embiggen)

This little zinger right here made me laugh today. Being in Afghanistan, an unexpected laugh is always welcome. As for the iPhone issues, we don't hear much about them here on Bagram. My wife however has an iPhone in Clarksville, TN and says it is working fine. Thanks for the chuckle. Dave



...and the 3G is inconsistent even though the whole area is blue as blue gets on the coverage map. By comparison, no matter where I was on my Sprint phone and no matter where my gf is on her Verizon phone do we have issues like this.

I'm an Apple Fanboy as much as the next person...but it's getting rather silly.



I live in Birmingham.

Aside from the first hour of activation (which made me nervous because several calls dropped right after I drove out of the store) I haven't really had any problems.

I even live down in a hole where reception is difficult, but I still get reception at home.



Where do I sign up for suing Apple. They are rotten and mean, delivering a cell phone that only works as good as the service provider. 3G reception MAY be your culprit, if so I want to sue AT&T, T-Mobile and every other rotten mean person who would dare to interfere with my god given right to enjoy cell telephones.

I also want to sue every person who is so important they use a cell phone while they eat, go to the bathroom and/or drive.

The incessant ringtones and the endless days of people seemingly speaking to YOU while funny things are stuck in their head, are making me just a bit edgy.



I've turned my 3G off, as it shows zero bars no matter where I am (also during recent travels). There are more than a few disclaimers in most of the propaganda/advertising I've seen; and anyone who takes advertising claims at face value is in for a sad life of disappointment. I expect that we'll see, in due time, a version 2.1 or 2.2 that will deal with this. As a veteran early adaptor; I think anyone who buys early should expect some bumpy roads.



when apple started the marketing campaign the said that speeds may vary



I don't see why people are suing Apple over poor 3G, I have had no problems with it, I live in Austin and average 3 to 4 times edge speed

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