Apple Sued Over OS X Fast Booting



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Macs don't have a BIOS and never did. Since this process details very specific steps, I wonder if this would even apply to Apple? I think they could make the argument that the process doesn't apply to Macintosh computers and so therefore the suit is groundless.



Interesting that this pops up just weeks after This American Life on NPR had a whole show dedicated to Patent Trolls.



I started by thinking that if you deleted the limiting phrase "from execution of the POST operation before loading a graphic interface (GUI) program", this might have applied to operating systems 30 years ago. Then it occurred to me that the patent simply sounds like nonsense because it doesn't work.

If the boot configuration that was just retrieved is valid you don't need to store it again until AFTER the GUI has been loaded.



If they are suing apple of that then they should sue all the other companies that make computers. Because all computers Boot , and and have self processors... people are out to get apples money.. I will tell every one to just back off because they don't have a case over a simple sentence. That to me is Bull crap. And I will put money on that one.

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