Apple Sued For Use of iCloud Name



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Keoni, the article from ARS YOU TOOK THIS FROM ADDED this most IMPORTANT piece that makes your rant worthless and just personal, why don't you separate yourself and learn that real journalism is what people want, not a biased self indulged rant without all the facts.

From ARS:
"Update: You can credit my post-WWDC brain fried-ness for leaving this part out. It's worth noting that iCloud Communications has apparently never registered "iCloud" as a trademark, while Apple does own the trademark for "iCloud" through the USPTO."

Now this Changes the whole Story & context now doesn't it, and since this is "has-been" news for the past 4 days now that icloud com had no copyrites and Apple has, I wonder how or why you missed this most important piece of information and spun it into a click bait article?, wow how did you miss that.

Answered my own question why.

Please investigate many sources before posting a Rant,

Good Day.

And who is this "we" you make mention of, it's only you that can be spoken for not the other masses of users.

Via: ARS , your link.



who is ranting?



Apple might rename it to McCloud :)
However, I think if it is a company nobody knew before it should not be easier Apple to buy it and foreget.

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