Apple Tablets Running iPhone OS 3.2 Showing Up In Flurry Data?



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In that it could be a device who's specs are that of an iPod Touch with newer feature set in it, not necessarily the iSlate device. Who's to say it's got the 10" screen that they are viewing it on or what it will entail until it's ACTUALLY released. It's highly possible that the iPod Touch get's a new name as well when it's released...


J Keirn-Swanson

would get the biggest testing since they typically have some of the most complicated architecture and interactivity. an e-reader is fairly simple and only requires you to make it bigger. you will still turn pages the same ways, scroll up and down and sideways the same ways, and if there's embedded media content it will interact fairly similarly to how it does in safari or in various apps (like how facebook app launches youtube app to play youtube vids linked through fb). but games are often much more processor intensive and involve doing multiple things, touching multiple parts of the screen in various ways, so my take on that above graphic is that games require more testing and by their nature are more addictive (and make up a greater percentage of the app store's offerings anyway), so while it looks like games are prevalent, i suspect that's just a feature of testing and not an indication that the device is intended as primarily a gaming one. but i could be, and often am, wrong.


Is the iPad expected to sport full telephony? or merely 3G connectivity?

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