Apple Targets Business Users With New iPhone Ad



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One of the problems for many larger corporations is the iTunes activation and iTunes account requirement. Now every user in the business needs an account, or the IT administrator needs to create several email addresses and accounts to activate for their users.

It's a large problem for the corporate structure, very similar to the issues professional organizations are having with FCPX and Lion being available ONLY in the app store. Not every employee has their own credit card. Apple needs to realize this if they want to succeed in the business model that they're targeting to. Accounting departments are something personal users don't have to deal with.

It looks like iOS5 will take care of some of this, but most corporate IT departments don't need users downloading games on their work devices. For small businesses it's easier, but still can be difficult to work around.

I find it really interesting that with Apple going away from their professional "PRO-APPS" that they are now targeting businesses for the iPhone and iPad.

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