Apple Thinks Their Screens Are Plenty Tough



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Apples doing it so if you do break it or scratch it you'll buy a new one plain and simple, plus they save space and money in store for other products.


I've been in the local Apple Store many times and I can honestly say it never seemed to me that screen protectors took up a lot of space. More likely they feel it's causing some service or support problem or - as speculated above - they're coming out with their own.In any case, I would NEVER go without a screen protector. I've had both a cat and a dog bite and scratch the phone, and the protector saved the day. In fact, I kinda think my next purchase will be one of those newer protectors that prevents others from seeing your screen.Sometimes Apple just makes you scratch your head and wonder what they're thinking.



Screen protectors are a waste of money. I've had my iPhone 3G for about 18 months now, and i do tend to keep it in pockets with change and what not.. the rest of the case is scratched all over, but the screen barely has a mark on it.



I've had my 3GS from day 1, no screen protector, many keys, lots of change. Not a scratch. end



Good news for Best Buy. Maybe the old Circuit City can be revived as an Apple aftermarket superstore. All of the Apple accessories we need, but that are below being in the Apple store itself...

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