Apple TV 3.0 Software is Out



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That's officially it. With the new apple TV 3.0 (forced) update, I am officially never spending another dime with Apple. Despite my love for mac look and feel and ease of use, the company has steadily been betraying its own dedication to the user experience by slowly but steadily trying to wall in users and extract extra cash from them.

This is like being betrayed by a friend.

It started with the DRM nonsense that suddenly made my own music impossible to access without repeated password entries. apple treated us like thieves in our own homes. And no access to non-itunes video files. God forbid we should enjoy our own content. Then it blocked ipod touch from functioning as a remote speaker for macs and apple tvs. Why? No technical reason, but who would buy a $99 Airport Express if it allowed us to do this? No matter that I have spent thousands on ipods and other hardware already.

The apple TV fiasco is officially the last straw. I got forced-updated tonight. I lost all my hacks that allowed me access to hulu, to xbmc (watch my own content) etc. That, and I get a hideous new interface designed to privilege renting and buying instead of access to my own (already purchased from apple) content. I bought a device as media center and then a year later, it has been turned into a private retail outlet for apple, sitting in my living room. No asking, no apologies, it just happened. apple is now officially trying to turn my home into its private online store.

Enough. This is the last betrayal. I have always loved mac products, but the truth is Apple cannot be trusted with full access to home and to my content. Not content with the $4-5k I have spent already 9and would have continued to spend on their hardware), they went for the nickel and dime profit on $1.99 movies.

Big mistake. Farewell apple. Microsoft at least never pretended to be on my side.

Enjoy your precipitous stock slide. It's been fun.



Upgraded to ATV 3.0 and I have to say the new UI is pretty cool. I was impressed with the online radio addition and podcast providers. The big thing for me was the upgraded remote app for iPhone that acts much like a touchscreen mouse. Can't figure out why they didn't come up with this earlier.

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