Apple TV Focuses on Sales, Competition Focuses on Refunds



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How come no one has mentioned the fact that Google purchased Sage TV. They have been making hardware and software geared towards the set top box for years. I believe that we are going to see major changes in Google TV.



OK.... soooooooo where can I get a Revue for that Apple TV-ish price?

I already have 4 Apple TVs in my home, I would love to play around with a Revue!!!


Adrian Hoppel


Sorry that was not clear; apparently they are dropping the price to $99 sometime in the next quarter, though Logitech has not released an exact date yet.




AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I got all excited.. went looking for a $99 STB =)

That's cool , can totally wait for a while... my Apple TVs are keeping me happy. I would just like to mess around with a Google STB, being a geek and all.

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