Apple TV Gets Tiny, Fits in the Palm of Your Hand



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Apple(.com) states that its possible to add movies to your instant-watch queue on Netflix, as shown:

Even more flicks with Netflix.
From classics to recent Hollywood favorites, Netflix on Apple TV puts even more movies and TV shows within reach of your remote.3 Apple TV smartly organizes the huge Netflix catalog of HD and SD titles so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a matter of clicks. When you find something you like, watch it right away or add it to your instant-watch queue. Since Apple TV lets you access your Netflix account directly from your HDTV, you can ditch all the computer-to-TV adapters and skip straight to the part where you press Play.



I think this version of the Apple TV will be much more palatable to non-hackers and will do better than the original. Personally I love my HTPC MacMini with the oh-so-pretty Plex software (, but I think this device has a price and features that less-obsessed folks will find nicely complements their expanding array of Apple devices.



Great they lowered the price to $99. Big woop because now we have to buy a dedicated computer to host the files. Old Apple tv: Wife takes the laptop, no big deal you have 30+ gigs of content. New Apple TV: wife takes the laptop, you are SOL unless you buy some new movies, music or shows. Oh did I say buy, you can't even do that you have to RENT. So this is basically just a little black box that sucks on the bandwidth pipe all day.

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