Apple Unleashes EFI Firmware, Airport Client Updates



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Despina, if your computer needs the updates, when you run software update, it will download and install them, if not then your computer doesn't need them.



Dear friends,

forgive the ignorance, but are these EFI firmware updates absolutely necessary? How about this particular one (that only improves a 'noise' made when the macbook 'wakes up'? I also saw that although I have a macbook from end 2008 the update version that appears in my computer is 1.4 (not 1.8) any idea why? And finally I note that there is also a superdrive firmware update- could you provide any explanation (in VERY plain english please) on what this does and whether these are always necessary?

Thanks and again apologies for the ignorance- but one will never know if one never asks...


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