Apple Unleashes OS X Lion 10.7.1



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man that was fast but maybe a little too fast for the new lion software



well, I've only had Lion for a week now, but I'm noticing that Snow Leopard was my favorite OS among Tiger, Leopard, S. Leopard, and Lion. I know i haven't had that long to give Lion a chance, but that video bug in safari is still there, update or not...



I won the "Kernel Panic Lottery" when installing 10.7.1 Server.

My Mac is now non responsive and even the recovery partition is dead.

After discussions with Apple about a resolution, they are sending me a USB System Disk to get me back in working order.

I am a bit upset that Apple did not provide a better way of repairing a severely damaged system, but to their credit they are providing me with a USB Recovery Disk, I just think I should have gotten one when I purchased the server software.

Overall my experience with Apple support was superior, but I am down hard until the mail arrives with the USB stick.

If you can make a recovery drive before hand it will save you a lot of effort and time should you also win the lottery.

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