Apple Wanted Kinect, Steve Ballmer Cashes in Microsoft Shares



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With all of that bla!bla!bla! I must say I still be a fan of Microsoft Kinect motion-sensing video game program. It is true that they have changed the people's way in gaming and interaction digitally and virtually. As long as Microsoft is still alive we can expect more news and updates about the guy even though we don't give care any at all to that.



While Steve Jobs has done some great things at Apple, he is much to anal to accept things like Flash for my iPad or Kinect for gaming. Add to this the CAD market in engineering. He continues to miss opportunities that would make Apple a better company. I had a Cube and it went away quite simply it wasn't a good design despite comments by Apple, Macworld, & Maclife. They described it as the best thing Apple had done in a long time. They were all wrong. Add the Apple TV to this mess.

Steve boy and his staff need to get out of Cupertino and go fishing somewhere to understand the rest of the World. He is almost bipolar with moments of insight and moments when he acts like the Idi Amin of Cupertino.

Steve this is another dumb mistake by your team!

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