Apple Wants To Store Your Video in The Cloud, Too



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I believe that the ultimate goal of the movie industry is to receive payment for EVERY viewing, no matter the media. You would pay every time you play, whether on media you purchased or from a download on a portable device.That might work if the cost of media was $1 - $2 and the cost of viewing was $1 - but I'm sure that they have visions of their current pricing - $15 - $20 per item, what DVD's, etc cost now - as a per viewing fee.



Who are they kidding? They don't want to be roped into somebody's proprietary platform? The movie studios are the ones that want you to buy their product again and again and again. They want you to pay to see it in the theater, then on DVD/Blu-ray/PPV, then again on Netflix streaming, then again on your computer or iPhone. They are the kings of making people pay more than once for the same content.

Just look at the current price of movies and TV shows on iTunes. You are getting no physical copy, worse resolution, and none of the extras in most cases. However, they are charging you the same or more money in most cases.

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