Apple Wants You to Buy a Mac Today



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I just got the new MacBook Pro last Friday and I love it. I have wanted the Pro for sometime and for once I hit the timing just right. Also got the free printer and iPod Touch. Really did well.  I think the Snow Leopard update pricing is the best yet.  I will only have to pay $10 vs the $100+ I've paid in the past for new OS updates.



Im stilling slugging away on my 12inch powerbook g4 1.5ghz. Nehalem mobile (or whatever it is going to named) will a dramatic boost in power, it seems to be set for 4Q2009. So ill wait it out for another 6 months then gets the benefits of a snow leopard machine on the worlds soon to be fastest processor. I also hope we might even see a quad core version in a macbook pro, 8 logical core on a laptop, woot id pay a fortune for that and plan to.



I bought my macbook in Feb this year. I've been wanting a macbook for years and I wanted to get one before I used the money for something else. So I'll be stuck paying the $29 for snow leopard when it comes out. I also missed out on the ipod touch offer. Thought in all I'm happy........ Just wish my USB devices wouldn't keep waking my machine up. I'm sure a patch will come out sooner or later.



i'm still buying my 13 inch Macbook Pro in two weeks. I don't give a **** because i'm VERY IMPATIANT, and I can update to Snow Leporad for $10. End of Comment.

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