Apple: We Did Not Reject Google Voice For iPhone -- Oh SNAP!



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Correct me if I'm wrong here, but Google Voice is basically a VOIP service right? So a Gooogle voice app for the iPhone would allow u to use the app for calling people over the Internet instead of AT&T's actual phone service? I'm not convinced this would be such a big deal to be honest.If it worked well over 3G then I guess it could cut AT&T out of some money on charging people for minutes, but they would still have to be paying for a voice and data plan to use that 3G connection anyway. I suppose it would be sort of useful on an iPod Touch too, but not as a "mobile" phone insofar that one would have to be in range of a Wi-Fi network to use the service and make calls.



search google voice... so many results will pop up... he described it well in a podcast



yeah but who has a spare half hour trying to find a good podcast for a definition?



What is this Google Voice???

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