Apple: White iPhone on April 28, Both People Still Waiting Jump for Joy



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For all of us on Apple crack, we will eventually find a reason to need a white iPhone. I am partial to black bc it wears better after being dropped and shuffled around in my various bags, but many people will be waiting in line to get one. We can't stay away!



Its only big news because of the way it has been portrayed in the media. To be honest, I am not sure why anyone would want a white phone regardless. I have two white iPods, that, after years of being moved around every where, are no longer white. This is why I did not get a white iPad2.

I dont know. Its a gimmick type thing, just another option, nothing wrong with that. Maybe next iPhone right off the bat will have both colors available.



The white iPhones look sick with certain bumper colors. That's the only reason I can think of.


Susie Ochs

I wanted the white iPhone... back in June. I had the white iPhone 3G, and really dug its, uh, whiteness. (I had a black RAZR before that, before you accuse me of being a phone racist! And I was always having trouble finding it in my black bag and black laptop bag, and in the shadowy recesses beneath my car seats.)

BUT THAT WAS 10 MONTHS AGO. Now I am simply bitter that instead of them just cancelling it when it proved to be too "difficult" to create, that they're bringing it out NOW, and expecting people to ooh and ah. Apple, I normally cheer pretty much all of what you do, but this is just LAMEZILLA.

I sort of hope nobody buys it. I would giggle.



As much as i love white iPhones, Malber is right... Besides, I think any wise consumer will wait for the release of the iPhone 5. Be it this Summer or this Fall.



Seriously, a white iPhone is big news? Were there really people holding off on buying an iPhone going, "I'd get one if they'd only make it in white!"?

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