Apple Yanks Chinese E-Book App Over Banned Content



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How funny we condemn the actions of a small communist dominated country to the south... yet we kneel down and bow whenever the communist government of China lifts it's finger, meh! We all know what's going on. However this is not gonna be political.

I think that countries should have the right to exercise their rights to ban or prohibit it's citizens from viewing certain content. I don't care if it's democratic, communist, or whatever... we always want people to respect our laws and way of life, why can't we respect theirs? Let the Chinese learn their own lessons, yes it will take time, just like it did in Eastern Europe and hopefully it will not take many lives in the process.



"Apple is now appeasing the Communist government"

If your going to criticize them call them by there name "CPC" "Communist party of China"

Also its funny when the US or UK pull Banned content it never makes the news.

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