Apple's Cloud Service To Be Free - But Not Forever



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I am lucky to have a FIOS connection at 35 mb up so streaming from my own cloud is a snap using TONIDO.

I go on diving trips to Micronesia and believe me there is no service of any kind there. As well as Arkansas.

So if I need to connect to A cloud I can do my own. If I am some place where there is no internet then a monthly/annual fee for access is a losing deal.



As good as our technology is, there are still too many places that I go, where you still do not have high speed internet, believe it or not. I'm in Arkansas, as in most things, Arkansas is about 20 years behind the rest of the world. We don't have decent cell service here in a large portion of the state. People here still use dial up Internet, go figure.



I'm out of contact too much of the time for it to be of use.



In short, yes you can buy amazing NAS boxes that can be accessed via internet and essentially have your own "Cloud" if you want. I recently did this for myself and I chose the Synology DS211+; I must say this box's features are great, simple to implement, and allow me to access my data from anywhere!
Not to also mention it's a 2 Bay box, so my data is RAID 1 for redundancy as well!

Definitely check it out!
Let me know if you have any questions ;)



Even as a DJ I don't think I would pay for that unless there was the slight possibility that I run out of hard drive space to store my music. Then again, aren't there new hard drives that have the ability to be accesible via the internet and can be used to share/host large files at no additional fee?
Nice concept but if it's not free I don't think It would fly.
On the flip-side, I like how It will be free initially so that I can try it out and maybe, just maybe, I'll change my opinion but it would have to BLOW my mind.



I agree with akfreeridemtber. I don't have internet most anywhere I go because I don't want to have to pay an extra $35/month just to have a mobile wifi hotspot, and then more for a cloud service, plus purchasing the content. It's costly, and to me it's worth it just to have two 64GB flash drives with all my movies, music, and television shows on them.



"coughing up a small annual fee in exchange for keeping your tunes in the cloud?"

seriously way? i much rather have a few hdd's (i have four so far) and keep my music, movies, etc @ reach...

the problem's the other CLOUD service is having, i'm in no hurry...

sorry guy's...

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