Apple's Green Claim Irks Dell



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Obviously, Dell is being hypocritical by criticising Apple for it's claims. Take the adamo for example. Dell has claimed that it is the thinnest laptop in the world. Last time i checked though, MacBook Air is thinner. Dell's laptops also have the amazing ability to keep overheating, so committing to a Dell usually means committing to an expensive cooler, while for apple macbooks, you just need something like a bluelounge cool feet or something.

Dell also mentions it aspires to be the greenest; well obviously aspiring means it isn't the greenest producer of computers yet, so in my opinion, Apple still retains that right until Dell can literally clean up its act.



It's like saying, "He can't say he's the valedictorian; I'm aspiring to be the valedictorian," after graduation. Way to go Dell. You can't say you'll win a race you've already lost.



Apple spends time and money on features that users want. Be it Green, Speed, or lack of Sucking. If it were the fastest notebook, and said it was the fastest, no problem. But since Dell is still "aspiring" to be green, they don't want Apple to be able to advertise features that required time, effort, and money to implement? I don't get it.

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