Apple's iPad 2 Supply Running Thin At Stores



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i ordered my 64GB white WIFI version as well as the camera kit adapator online through apple at 1:40am march 11th... Received an email from apple saying they are processing my order estimated times for delivery for the Ipad 2 is march 18-25th via free standard shipping the camera adapter has shipped out and will deliver by march 16th... It was all in one order, sucks wish they would have shipped it all out together. It does me no good to have a ipad camera adaptor with no Ipad2 to connect it to... But i guess it beats having to wait in line for hours and be disappointed when they run out of the model i want... Hopefully apple will ship it sooner than later and i could enjoy it on the 16th! wishful thinking



I went today on Saturday, one day after the iPad 2 launch date, to an Apple store in the mall of Ridgedale, Minnesota. Everything was out. The employee that we talked to said that he thinks right now every Apple store in the nation is sold out of iPad 2's. We called the Apple store in The Mall of America. They were also out. The Apple store employee also said that he is certain that all of the Apple stores in Minnesota are out of iPad 2's. Anyways, we're going to wait until Tuesday and buy one at 10 AM, when they get the first shipment. That really sucks.



Here in Northern Virginia, everything is out. Tried Apple Stores in Clarendon and Tysons Corner. Stopped in at a Target, Best Buy and AT&T store as well. Best Buy website can check store inventory and EVERY store in the region is out of the 64gb Wifi + 3g ATT Black version. Oh, and FYI, AT&T not even offering 64gb version of the iPad2 on their website. Basically, the only option is to play roulette. Order from Apple, put yourself on the pre-order list at a Best Buy store and then check in daily at various places for possible new stock.

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