Apple's Tablet To Use Verizon's 3G Network According to Sources



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There is my main complaint about this device. If it's going to be tied to ANY service provider, I WILL NOT GET ONE! I DO NOT want to be tied to ANY specific provider! Though the way this was stated, it will most likely have a port in which you can put a service providers networking card/usb antenna on it and go with whomever you choose, not just Verizon but also AT&T, T-Mobile, and the rest. This will be billed as a normal laptop, sort of, where you have a choice of carriers you can go with for your iTab and it's main connectivity will be Wi-Fi, (hopefully 802.11n connectivity will be included not just b/g).

We'll know for sure when Steve or one of his employees climb up on stage later this month and tell us all about it...



I had an unlimited plan with sprint for there wireless internet. They changed the plan and caped it at 5gb per month. I use more than that on my IPhone per month. I will never buy the tablet if it is connected to one of the media controlling elite money changing corporations. I have been watching and hoping for the last year to get one but also watching to see if the Telco's are wrapping there fingers around it.

Still watching.

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