Apple's Up-to-Date Program Issued Invalid Codes



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I filled out the claim form, and the check mark appeared saying I would get an e-mail with a code to redeem
It's been 22 hours and no e-mail from Apple. Some people got an e-mail with a bad code, I didn't (and still haven't) heard from Apple.

I'm afraid if I fill out the form again it will make matters worse.

I'll wait another 26 hours and then just go ahead and purchase Mountain Lion.

Sad day for what should have been a great day.



Would it help to know you're not alone?

I, too, submitted my claim 26 hours ago now and, like you, I've still got nothing. I know it's totally a FWP, but it's *killing* me to be reading all these reviews and articles about ML and not being able to actually USE it on my brand new shiny pretty rMBP!

I just sent an email to to ask about the situation. I have no illusions that it will actually speed up the process, but I don't suppose it can hurt.

P.S.: Filling out the form again won't help or hurt—you just won't be able to proceed past the part where you enter your serial number if it's already been submitted. (Ask me how I know...)


Michael Simon

Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can try calling AppleCare?



I called apple, and after 1 hour on the phone complaining about the issue, the supervisor response was that I need to wait 72 hours for them to re-issue me with new codes for my 2 macbooks... that is BS...


Michael Simon

That stinks. Hopefully it'll be quicker than that.

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