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I just bought my first iPhone (iPhone4). I've been a Mac user for 12 years. However, I don't have the faintest idea how to get my phone to connect with my facebook account (every time I enter my username and password I get a message saying "Need to enable cookies", which ARE enabled, for sites I visit.
I have no idea how to load one of my iTunes playlists.
In general, I feel like an idiot.
Can someone please help step by step, or send me to a video tutorial?
Thanks SO much!



It's moot to have an article about iPhone iOS 4 apps but no link to view the apps suggested.



Although it was possibly retroactively added, there's already a link to the suggested apps page in the article. Click on the word "page" in the second sentence of the second paragraph, and iTunes should open to the relevant App Store page.

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