April Awesomeness: Grab Three Mac Apps for Free



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April Awesomeness? It looks more like April Fools to me.

You have more to write about here, mr Clark. What you have in your hands is a first rate example of how the open source software concept can be misused.

Anna_M called tEditor "way more than the standard Mac app". Well, to be precise it is way LESS than the standard Mac program Fraise/Smultron. If you think tEditor is worth anything at all (which it isn't) then you will be very, very pleased with Fraise or Smultron. To be precise, Smultron used to be open source, and when it was taken off that status, Fraise is a continuation on the open source path.

What the so-called author of tEditor has done is to grab a free program, edit it (incompetently) to change the name and remove the names of the original authors (which is inexcusable), and then try to sell it as a new program. You are often allowed to change and re-release open source, but the idea is that you add something, support new platforms, or add new features. All "added value" in this case are bugs!

If you don't believe me, download Fraise and compare. It is kind of interesting.

I think this is a great subject for an article. The software market has many of programs based on open source. Some actually add something, while others, like this, just try to swindle people. If the marked is flooded with trash, some of it even promoted by initiatives like AppyFridays, how can customers identify the real value, and how can you market programs that are actually real products?



Actually, tEditor is a way more than the standard Mac app. I use it to edit (not to create) html code. Every line is numbered and the code is marked with color, which makes the editing process very easy.

And in fact it opens all html files with no mistakes, which standard Mac app doesn't.
I've been using it for a while and so far it's the best notepad for Mac.

Great deal from AppyFridays! Thanks!

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